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Abundant Solutions specializes in:
Microsoft Excel Solutions
Financial Modeling and Tools
Process Improvement
Report Tool Development
Spreadsheet / Data Conversion
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Douglas Smith started out in 1985 as Island Computer Services,
developing income tax software for PCs, Macs and Apple IIs.  The company
name was changed in 1988 to Double Scorpio Software.  In 1994, Doug
began developing custom spreadsheet solutions for businesses.  The
company name was changed again in 1996 to Abundant Solutions as
business expanded.
Major Projects

Abbott Labs - Enhanced and automated a pharmaceutical analysis
spreadsheet model.

Procter & Gamble - Enhanced and expanded a complex Excel-based
analysis and financial forecasting model for large scale osteoporosis
List of medical journal publications
Developed a glucocorticoid model and a Medicare pricing tool.  The model
program was featured in P&G's "Pearls and Prizes" exhibit and Excellus
(client) used the model to develop results that were presented at a "Best of
the Blues" conference.  
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Glaxo Smith Kline - Overhauled and improved laboratory analysis software.
Previous projects included the development of spreadsheet-based sales &
marketing tools, as well as HIV and Oncology forecasting tools.

AAI Pharmaceuticals (now AAIPharma) - Developed a series of automated
pharmaceutical testing / analysis spreadsheet, featuring data file import and
intelligent data extraction.

Other Industries
Fannie Mae - Data Center asset management application
Pepsi - Sales forecasting tool
Blue Cross Blue Shield SC - Medicare pricing & analytical tools, budget tool
BellSouth - Construction tracking program
Nortel - Telephone switch software architecture mapping & analysis,
manufacturing forecasting model
Abundant Solutions
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Brainbench MVP for MS Excel

Author of's
Excel 2000 Interactive Exam
Over 25 years of spreadsheet experience

Engineering degree and IT experience

One of the top-rated Excel experts at

Webinar trainer for Eli Journals

Authored a spreadsheet tutorial column
for SoftDisk magazine

Software reviewed in PC Magazine,
MacUser, MacWorld

Competed in International Software
Developer Competitions

Won a special award for “Spreadsheet
Wizardry” in international competition

Published commercial spreadsheet-
based income tax software
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